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5 MISBELIEF about search engine optimization

  1. If you already have a website, you have done everything so many visitors will come.

  2. If you register your website into search engines, you can be sure to get visitors.

  3. When you enter your keywords in the meta keywords tag, You will get good rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

  4. The search engine optimization tasks are only the role of web developer, site owner or the agent does not have to work on it.

  5. People are searching for our company name, and our site is the first for that phrase. In that case we can lie back because the site is well-optimized.

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You have a nice website, but not enough visitors?
How to raise your website traffic in a couple of weeks?

You finished your website. It is beautiful, useful and all you thought, dreamed onto it is working well. There is so much relevant information, products, services for the visitors. The website creator has received the remuneration for work, a part of the project is completed. There's only one problem: You have not enough visitors.

I met many times with this situation. The client has a nice website, it may look like professional website, you feel the content, marketing and the whole vehicle will roll alone, but there is a tiny error in the machine: Except you, nobody visits the site. Sound familiar?

In many cases only a few minor mistakes separate the website to better ranking in search engines. If you can find and solve these little problems you will boost your site traffic. The solution for this disease is called to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Too many people use search engines, especially Google search to a website owner is left unexploited by the visitor's source.

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5 part FREE search engine optimization course

Sign up for our free 5 part SEO course,, and you also receive a license to use the search engine optimization tools on the site.

On this course, you can learn what the basic principles of search engine optimization are, which is essential to obtain visitors from search engines. * The SEO Tools found here are provided to help in the search engine optimization, and continually check or fine-tune your website.

Why deal with a search engine optimization?
For relatively little investment (especially time and labor), collect valuable visitor who may use your service or may buy your products. Of course, visitors may be obtained through expensive ads (sometimes it is useful too), but why would you lost those potential visitors who are searching for your services, products but cannot find your website and because of this cannot spend money on it?

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The Search Engine Optimization Tools

On this site I try to enable tools that according to my experience helps a lot (to me at least) in the search engine. These SEO Tools are available only for those who has signed up for the Free SEO course. We are trying constantly to develop new tools and make them more accurate for provide the best service for our users. The subscribers are notified of these, of course. Fortunately, we have a lot of positive feedback, and we have new ideas for development.

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Have good positions, good luck and many great visitors!

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